Being Elder Care Consultant

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Being Elder Care Consultant PhotoThe person who is being an elder care consultant, will do consult with elderly clients and their immediate families about available options for health care, long-term care, and in-home services. The consultant will also review client’s eligibility for benefits under Medicaid, Medicare, private health insurance, and other sources of public and private assistance. And the elder care consultant will also coordinate with attorneys, accountants, insurance agencies, medical providers, and others involved in the establishment of a plan for care and the means to pay for it.

This job requires a tremendous amount of research and organization, and a commitment to keeping up-to-date on changes in laws, programs, and economics. You’ll often be dealing with people in times of personal stress because of illness, finances, or just the escalating concerns of old age. The elderly may have difficulty hearing or understanding complex concepts. Every client will have different needs. Don’t play lawyer, doctor, or insurance agent yourself. Your job is to be an impartial advisor to your client and an independent representative in dealings with professionals.

Post your services in senior centers, community centers, and religious institutions. Place ads in newspapers and shoppers. Send notices of your services to area doctors and gerontologists, elder law attorneys, and senior centers. Offer to give a talk at senior centers and make it known that you are available for hire for personal consultations. Charge by the hour for your consultations and research. If you are asked to visit facilities, lawyers, accountants, or other specialists on behalf of your client, you can include a reasonable mileage charge.

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